The wise one of the depth

Every thirty years a never ending struggle for life starts…the birth of a baby sea turtle. Turtles are reptiles that live on either fresh or salty water, and are very easy to recognize because they have their own armor, the shell.

Besides this they are like almost all other reptiles, they lay eggs, and are ecto thermic, meaning they depend on the surrounding temperature to regulate their own. Unlikely that what happens on cartoons, turtles cannot be separated from their shell, since this is welded to their skeleton.

Approximately every thirty years, sea turtles return to the beach they were born to make nests on the sand, and that way complete the cycle of life, while lying eggs that will hatch within thirty days, becoming the new warriors of life, ready to continue the battle for life; that is a very important reason to avoid driving motor vehicles close to the shore, because this makes the sand compact, impeding the baby turtles reaching the surface. Other situation that menaces them is the indiscriminate hunting. It is misbelieved that they are very nutritious but they are not like the best we can eat since they have lots of parasites due to their stationary way of living and also because some of them feed on sponges or jelly fish that can be toxic to humans.

Please do not buy or eat turtle meat or their eggs, this is the best way we can help these magnificent warriors, if we want our children to have the fortune to know the SEA TURTLES.

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