Rock Figs, Architects of the Desert

Our beautiful land is home of a countless number of plants considered as unique in the World. This is due to the isolation we are found, because even we are part of the continent, life here develops like in an island. One of these wonderful plants is the rock fig or Zalate.

Fig trees or ficus are common residents of the tropical forests; this fact makes the Baja California something unique because it has adapted to live in a dryer climate. This survival is possible since the tree absorbs humidity from the morning dew and the marine breeze. Its pale color helps it to stand the hottest days of midsummer reflecting the solar energy.

During its never ending struggle in search for water, its roots grow in all directions creating fanciful designs and also embrace and break granite blocks, becoming a sanctuary of life itself, because different kinds of animals, like spiders, reptiles and small mammals use the tree as residence.

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