The Elders of the Desert

We are fortunate to be neighbors to the masters of adaptation in the desert, and there is still time to learn and improve our life’s quality. We are talking about the cacti, which is the right way to refer to this group of plants as the word cactus is used for a single plant.

These plants have modified the shape of their bodies in order to store the most valued currency of the desert… water. Most of them do this using their ribs which are folds formed all along their bodies to allow the plants to expand and shrink as accordions to store water during the dry season. Then they face their greatest challenge, to protect all this water. That is why their leaves became thorns to discourage any animal to eat them.

The most admirable fact about them is the way they produce their own food. While other plants go through photosynthesis during the day and lose water by evaporation, cacti can release oxygen during the night to avoid dehydration. They have synchronized their blooming season to avoid competing with each other and to become a constant source of food for the desert inhabitants. Like them, we must adopt this balanced relationship with the environment and do something more that just guarding our resources in order to become positive beings.

Join us in our expeditions through our magic land and let’s learn together from our wise neighbors.

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