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The first Spaniard to sight the oasis, Jesuit Padre Jaime Bravo, found nomadic Guaycura availing themselves of the inland water source and collecting shellfish along the coast.

Padre Bravo established a farm community and a misión de visita (“visiting mission”) called Todos Santos here in 1724, to supply the water-poor mission community at La Paz with fruits, vegetables, wine, and sugarcane. By 1731, Todos Santos was producing 200 burro-loads of panocha – raw brown sugar – annually, along with figs, pomegranates, citrus, and grapes.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS Visit to Magical Town, Oasis, Art District
Round trip Transportation Expert Naturalist Bi-lingual Guide
Comfortable Shoes Sunscreen / Hat
Sunglasses Camera
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In 2006 Todos Santos was named by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism as one of Mexico’s Magical Towns; it was chosen among other 311 towns. It is considered to be a House of Culture, overflowing with inspirational and artistic visionaries, and brimming with some of the best local artists, musicians, and writers from around the world. It also happens to be one of the most important Jesuit Mission sites
in the Southern state of Baja California Sur and, it certainly is best defined as…an oasis.

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LocationTodos Santos, BCS
DestinationBaja California Sur, México
Extra person$80 – Price per person
Todos Santos Expedition
Todos Santos Village
Magical Town
Todos Santos Tequila Testing

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