10 hours

Minutes after leaving the resort you will witness breath taking views while heading up into an unknown Baja California on your way to one of the most important marine parks on the Sea of Cortez.

On your way to Cabo Pulmo, you will pass picturesque towns such as Santa Anita and Santa Cruz, as well as spectacular bays trodden on only by the local fauna. And then, after an hour driving, over the hill and before you lies the crystal clear bay of Cabo Pulmo, home of the beautiful coral reef teaming with fish and underwater flora for you to float over and discover.

NOTE: Cabo Pulmo Bay is part of an official Mexican Marine Park and Sanctuary. The taking of shellfish, marine life and fish is strictly prohibited. Additionally, the coral environment is extremely fragile and delicate. Extreme care should be exercised.

TOUR HIGHLIGHTS Snorkel the reef, swim with sea lions, explore the sea of cortez
Private Round Trip Transportation Beverages
Private boat (panga) All Necessary Equipment (Snorkeling gear & wetsuit)
Expert Naturalist Bi-Lingual Guide Lunch & Snaks
Comfortable Clothes and Shoes Sunscreen / Hat
Sunglasses Camera
Towel Swim Suit
Instructor and crew gratuity

Coral reefs are Planet Earth’s natural BIG CITIES, and we have so much to learn from them, specifically about development and balance. Join us in an unforgettable journey to discover why the greatest ocean explorer ever, Commander Jacques Ives Cousteau, called us “the aquarium of the world”.

Additional information

LocationCabo Pulmo
DestinationBaja California Sur, México
Extra person$120 – Per person
CP Kayaking
Kayaking Cabo Pulmo
Cabo Pulmo BCS

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